I’ve been meaning to update my blogroll for some time, and have finally got around to it.

A few sites I’ve removed as the authors veered too far off into the world of woo and pseudoscience, but I’m not going to name and shame.

What I am going to do however is sing the praises of some new sites which I’ve added, and are definitely worth looking at!

BBoy Sicence

This is a great blog on “science, health & fitness, injuries & pain”. Even better, it’s very well written, and the author is a BBoy who regularly posts videos featuring some amazing moves. What’s not to like!

Gold Medal Bodies

I signed up to these guy’s newsletter in order to get a look at the free handstand tutorial video. Normally I always unsubscribe straight away from these kind of things, but damn it, these chaps got me hooked. Their posts are always clear, concise and very actionable. It’s definitely worth joining their “posse”.


I first came across Andy Puddicombe via his TED Talk on 10 Mindful Minutes, and was a fan straight away.

His free 10 day into to meditation app is definitely worth downloading if you’ve got a smartphone or tablet.

Humans Are Not Broken

The new blog of Angelo Coppola of Latest in Paleo fame. Readers of this blog will know that I’ve been highly critical of paleo of late, and distanced myself from the movement for a number of reasons. Angelo is definitely one of the voices of reason with the in “paleosphere” however, and continues to produce excellent, well reasoned commentary on the world of nutrition and health.

I hope some of you find these sites useful if you’ve not come across them before. Also, check out the other links that have been up for a while if you haven’t done so already, lots of great content there too! (Blogroll is bottom right if you’ve not spotted it before)

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this post of interest.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below, or feel free to tweet me at @Simon_Whyatt

This article was written by Simon Whyatt and first appeared on the blog Live Now Thrive Later.


  1. While I agree that loads of porridge with loads of sweeteners and milk is ‘high energy’, I have to disagree with your recommendations that folk on a weight loss diet should not eat them.
    If one eats only 50 grams of dried porridge with water, add 1 tsp of honey and add 50ml of skim milk the calories ( from the packet info) would be thus…
    Sainsburys SO Scottish Oats 50g Calories 187
    Sainsburys SO Clear Honey 10ml 34
    Organic skim Milk 50ml 17
    TOTAL 238
    Surely organic Scottish oats as a breakfast is mush better than any other!
    Providing slow release energy means you can go for longer without eating again ,this means at the end of the day you consume less calories, managing to control the amount of calories consumed per day and daily exercise are the ONLY HEALTHY WAYS TO LOOSE WEIGHT/FAT LOSS.
    Surely there are worse foods you could ‘beat up on’ lol !

    1. Hi Luanne,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I am far from “Beating up on porridge”. As I say in the article and other comments – I eat porridge myself, and (like any food), of course it can form part of the daily diet.

      If I were “anti porridge” why would I go to the lengths of detailing how to soak it to improve the nutrient content?

      The reason for the article, however, is to make people think about what they are eating.

      There is a tendency when people categorise foods as “good” or “healthy”, that they begin to think they can eat unlimited amounts with impunity.

      I totally agree that 50g of porridge with 1tsp of honey is a sensible breakfast, but most people don’t take the time to weigh and measure their breakfast.

      I’ve had people weigh their typical bowl of oats in the morning, and most people’s were at least 100g, if not more. We’re living in a time of super sized portions, so this is probably no surprise. Add to this a splurge of honey, rather than a carefully measured teaspoon, and some more “healthy” fruit in the shape of raisins and bananas, and breakfast can easily be topping 600kCal.

      Again, potentially this isn’t a problem, providing you are aware of the fact.

      I am totally with you that consuming fewer calories than you expend is the only way to lose weight, that was one of the main points in the article.

      The other major point being that vegetables and fruits (raisins and bananas aside) are generally lower in calories, equally filling (if not more so per calorie) while higher in vitamins and minerals than porridge, so could be another good option.

      I’m not sure why you’re “beating up on” more fruit and veg 😉

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