Personal Training and Nutrition in Barcelona

I offer both one to one and small group personal training in North-West areas of Barcelona – Nou Barris, Horta-Guinardó, Gràcia, El Clot, Sagrada Familia and surrounding areas.

My sessions will be tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Combining 15 years of experience with the latest scientific research on the best training methodologies ensures that my sessions are highly effective, time efficient, and suitable for all fitness levels.

I also believe it’s very important that each session is fun and enjoyable, leaving you with more energy and motivation once you’ve finished – My sessions will leave you wanting more, not begging for mercy!

I specialise in helping people:

  • Build Strength and Confidence
  • Lose excess body fat and gain muscle
  • Increase flexibility and mobility
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Prevent sporting injuries

The sessions can be conducted outside the beautiful Barcelona sunshine, in one of several wellness studios across the city, or at your own residence. Whichever is the most convenient and comfortable for you.


Single Session50€
Pack of 545€ per session
Pack of 10*40€ per session
*Plus free nutrition plan(Worth 60€)
20% supplement for 2 people
30% supplement for small group(Up to 5 people)

Nutritionist in Barcelona

There is no “one true diet” that works for everyone.

There are many (in)famous diets out there; low carb, low fat, paleo, keto, south beach, to name but a few. The truth is though, they all ultimately work by restricting calories by creating arbitrary rules about what you can and can’t eat.

A better way, is to gain a better understanding of nutrition, and design a personalised diet based upon your personal goals, metabolism, taste preferences and intolerances, and busy schedule.

The best diet is one that you enjoy and can easily follow.

Following an in person nutritional consultation which can be conducted anywhere within the Barcelona City area, I will create you an individually tailored nutrition plan, which will help you gradually change your eating habits step by step over a 1-2 month period.

During this period of adjustment to the new diet, I will guide your progress through a combination of email and telephone support – helping you through any doubts, questions and lapses.

My nutrition plans will help you:

  • Shed unwanted body fat and keep it off
  • Build and maintain lean muscle mass
  • Improve health, mood and energy levels
  • Boost sporting performance and aid recovery from training

Price – 60€

This price includes the initial in person consultation, the production of a fully comprehensive nutritional plan including example recipes, and ongoing support via email and telephone throughout the first 2 months following the plan.

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