In contemporary discourse, the term health has come to mean little more than avoiding death for as long as possible. The Government talk about “keeping your heart healthy”, and quote figures on life expectancy, as if all that is important in life is surviving long enough to spend any savings you’ve accrued once you’ve reached retirement.

Moshe Feldenkrais wrote that “Health is the ability to live your dreams”, which is by far the best definition I have ever heard, and sums up nicely the ideology behind the Live Now, Thrive Later philosophy.

Live Now, Thrive Later is about getting the most out of life, right here, right now. Being able to go anywhere, do anything, and really live life to the full.

It is about freedom – freedom of movement, freedom from pain and illness, freedom from stress, freedom of expression.

The Live Now, Thrive Later philosophy arises from the recognition that much of today’s ill-health and unhappiness results from the divergence of our diets and lifestyles from our evolutionary heritage.

This does not mean that we must eschew all aspects of modern life and diet, and attempt to emulate the life of a hunter-gatherer, however. Rather that we must identify the elements of contemporary living that detract from our health and happiness, and adopt alternatives.

For example reducing our consumption of high calorie, low nutrient junk food from the diet, the over consumption of which can make us ill and depressed, breaking free from our sedentary indoor lives and getting back outside and moving in nature, eliminating needless stress from worrying about things that really don’t matter, or stopping chasing after extrinsic, and ultimately unsatisfying goals that will in the long run only bring disappointment.

The key difference between the Live Now, Thrive Later lifestyle, and the conventional prescriptions for health, is that the behaviours involved are rewarding in themselves: they need not be followed begrudgingly now in the hope of some intangible goal of long-term health and increased life expectancy.

Following the Live Now, Thrive Later Lifestyle requires eating food that is not only nutritious, but tasty and delicious, and partaking in activities that, while at times may be challenging, should also be stimulating, rewarding and fun.

These lifestyle, attitude and belief changes, though not always easy to implement, will pay their dividends immediately, not in thirty or forty years time when you retire and it’s already too late!

This is just a brief outline as to the Live Now, Thrive Later lifestyle and philosophy. Browse the links at the top of the page, Eat, Move, Train and Live for some easy to follow introductory guides on how to start living life to the full, both now, and later.