Vegetables on Chopping Board

Diet Debate: #JERF vs The Appeal to Nature Fallacy

estimated total reading time Are we being JERFed Around? JERF, for the uninitiated, stands for Just Eat Real Food. This

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Coffee Beans

Diet Debate: Coffee – Dangerous Addiction, or Beneficial Predilection?

estimated total reading time Disclaimer: I love coffee, and am no doubt addicted to it, at least to some degree.

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What is Food? Part I: There is no such thing as food

The past couple of posts have been looking at the problems with nutritional science in general, and issues with the

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Diet Debate: The Problems with Paleo Science, and Why it Matters…

The previous post was concerned with the problems with nutritional science in general. In this instalment, I plan to look

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Diet Debate: Is Paleo the New Vegetarianism? Did We Learn Anything?

WARNING: This post contains little science, but lots of speculation and sarcasm. If you are easily offended (i.e. a Vegetarian/Vegan/Fundamentalist

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