Diet Debate: The Problems with Paleo Science, and Why it Matters…

The previous post was concerned with the problems with nutritional science in general. In this instalment, I plan to look

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Diet Debate: Is Paleo the New Vegetarianism? Did We Learn Anything?

WARNING: This post contains little science, but lots of speculation and sarcasm. If you are easily offended (i.e. a Vegetarian/Vegan/Fundamentalist

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Why you should be Pro-Biotic: Part VI – You are what eats what you eat…Or someone else’s poo?

Over the last five posts, we’ve covered the importance of the microbiome to health through its role in digestion and

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Management of Metabolic Syndrome with Pro and Prebiotics

Why you should be Pro-Biotic: Part IV – Dysbiosis, Inflammation and Chronic Disease

The term dysbiosis refers to an imbalance between the levels of “good” bacteria and “bad” bacteria residing in your gut.

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Why you should be Pro-Biotic: Part II – A Question of Digestion

It is generally well known that the reason ruminants are able to digest grass, while we can’t, is that they

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A dietary cure for Raynauds? Can you bring your fingers back to life with Sushi?

When I first switched from a conventional “healthy diet” to a paleo diet, pretty much every aspect of my health

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Image of Wheat Field

Know Your Enemy – Selfish Genes: Is your DNA out to get you?

There is a lot of talk in the “paleosphere” about which foods “want” to be eaten, and which foods “don’t

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Diet Debate: Dairy – Elixir of life, or not fit for human consumption?

When I was a child, milk was most definitely “the white stuff”. Everyone knew that dairy was good for you

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