Primal Christmas Dinner

Huge Rib of Grass Fed Beef on the Bone

Christmas is often viewed as a time of excess, and I do personally take it as an opportunity to relax a bit on the paleo eating front, but that said Christmas dinner itself can be kept fairly Primal, thus giving you a bit more wiggle room for the chocolates and booze!

This is what I’m going to be eating on Christmas Day:

Roast Beef Rib on the Bone (This year I’ve got a double rib joint, its awesome!)

Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Squash and Parsnips (in the juices of the beef)

Steamed Carrots and Cabbage

Brussel Sprouts sautéed with bacon in grass fed butter

All served with some home made gravy from the beef juices and a bit of cranberry sauce!

Tasty, satisfying and Primal!

Why not finish it off with a big of gluten free Christmas Cake with Grass Fed Brandy Butter?

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