There’s more to life than fitness…

Welcome to the new home of my Primal blog.

I have decided to make the change from blogging at Primal Fitness, to this new site, Primal Living, as I wanted to broaden the scope of the topics I write about and the opinions that I can express.

I will still of course be covering the topics of fitness and nutrition as these are very important elements of a happy and healthy lifestyle, but it is my belief that Primal Living is about so much more than the food you eat and how fit you are.

In addition to blogging about primal training and eating, I will also be writing about lifestyle, psychology, politics and philosophy, in recognition of the complex and amazing creatures we are, and the deleterious effects this modern civilisation can have on our ability to optimally express our phenotypes.

Hopefully this blog will help liberate people from the shackles of conventional modern living, enabling them to live now and thrive later through living Primally!

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