Just a few days left until I get to meet Erwan LeCorre at his movnat seminar in Edinburgh – I can’t wait, though I am a little apprehensive at the thought of running through the snow barefoot… 😉

Just came across this video of Erwan presenting at NASA, well worth a watch:

4 thoughts on “Erwan LeCorre’s Movnat Presentation at NASA”

  1. I dream of meeting him. I’m worried that now that MovNat is becoming bigger, it’s going to get harder and harder to meet him in person, even if I do get my MovNat trainer certification.

    1. I’m sure you’ll get to meet him. From my experience of him, Erwan is a really top guy, and has lots of time for anyone interested in MovNat.

      After we finished the one day seminar (which had already run over time), Erwan was still more than happy to come out with the group for food/drinks afterwards and continue to talk and answer questions at length.

      Despite his experience, ability, knowledge and new found fame, Erwan was still totally down to earth, humble, and did not have any kind of “Guru Ego Self Importance” about him whatsoever.

      Top guy!

  2. I also attended (was nice to meet you) and I’m glad you found the cinilc good overall. I had a lot of fun. Personally, I don’t know how possible it would have been to provide much individual feedback on any of the skills, given the short 1-day timeline and the number of skills to cover. When I took a course in POSE running, it was over 2 days, and my running technique was evaluated by the instructor just once each day. In terms of interaction, I asked questions and got answers during the session, but agree there is room for improvement. It’s obvious that Erwan is very passionate about his subject and feels that he has a lot to say He gave us only a very short eating break and went late on Saturday because there was just so much information he wanted to share.

    1. Thanks for your comment Kadija, I’m glad you liked Erwan’s clinic.

      Are we talking about the same one? I went to his seminar in Edinburgh, in December 2011 (I think!), it was a 2 day seminar as I recall, not 1 day.

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