Part of the MovNat philosophy is that the Human Animal must adapt to its environment – Well this weekend we were Snow Monkeys!  Plenty of work on balance and a fair bit of throwing (snowballs).  A few impromptu Primal workouts throughout the weekend too pushing people’s cars and digging out snow from under tyres 🙂

I’m going to put up a detailed blog post and some pictures of the seminar later in the week – Suffice it to say for now that Erwan is a very cool guy who practices what he preaches and is a joy to listen to and observe in action.  We definitely learnt a lot and will be implementing as much of it as we can into Primal.

In the meanwhile, take a read of this fantastic piece by one of the other attendees – Francis Heylighen(we were lucky enough to get to meet with not just one re-evolutionary thinker but two!): Evolutionary Well-Being: the paleolithic model

Also, make sure you check out this video that Francis posted at the bottom of his article:

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this post of interest.

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This article was written by Simon Whyatt and first appeared on the blog Live Now Thrive Later.


  1. Hey Chris,

    Was hoping I might have caught you at the seminar, but should have realised you would of course have got in early and booked the Saturday!

    I always make sure I catch up on your blog (I would not have known about the seminar without it!), and would have been great to meet up in person.

    Nice review of the seminar, will aim to have my thoughts up by the end of the week.

    1. I have seen the interview, had my eye out for it.

      Pretty good write up for a mainstream publication.

      I chatted to the reporter for a while in the morning whilst waiting for Erwan to arrive, and she did seem genuinely interested in the primal/paleo fitness/nutrition philosophies.

      Running barefoot through the woods and eating a caveman diet would be an easy target for scorn/derision from a typical journalist, so I was very happy to see such a positive review.

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