Why I’d Still Skip the Ice Baths, Even if they Worked

estimated total reading time So I’ve been meaning to write a post on Ice Baths, Cold Showers and Cold-Thermogenesis /

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Strength and Conditioning for Sports – Separating Fact from Fiction

In previous posts I’ve talked about how Functional Training is a Myth, that performing multiple sets of resistance exercises could

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A Stretch too Far – Part III – Stretching for Flexibility

In parts I and II, we looked at the utility of static stretching for warm ups before and cool downs

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A Stretch Too Far – Part II – Stretching to Cool Down

In Part I, we looked at the widely accepted practice of static stretching as a method of “warming up” before

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Deadlift - A Practical Human Movement

Primal Fitness 2.0 Part II – From Functional to Practical: Free weights still rock!

In Part I of this series “Is Functional Training a Myth?“, I challenged the conventional wisdom on strength and conditioning

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Athletes performing "Functional Training" Exercises

Primal Fitness 2.0 – Part I: Is Functional Training a Myth?

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a post on the movement/exercise component of evolutionary health and fitness. The

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